Fang Mu (pronounced Fahng Moo) was born in the capital of China northwest province of Xin Jiang, not far from the Russian border.

Her interest in Chinese medicine was sparked early in life, when her mother developed a herniated lumbar disk shortly after Fang twelfth birthday, paralyzing both her legs from the waist down. In the days that followed, Fang watched in amazement as her father quietly treated her mother with daily sessions of acupuncture and Chinese massage, completely curing her in barely two months. Soon after, Fang asked her father to tutor her in the arts of acupuncture and Chinese massage, and it was not long before she was accompanying him once each week to the hospital where he worked, so that she could practice her new skills on real people. At the same time that she was studying acupuncture with her father, she was learning from him the art of Chinese Kung Fu, laying the groundwork for a love affair with the martial arts that would engross her for the next decade, ultimately encompassing the more advanced arts of Chi Gong and Chinese swordplay, and bringing her a skilled athlete point of view on how to maintain the body delicate balance.

After making top grades on her college entrance exams, Fang entered Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Jiangxi, in central China. In her fourth year of medical school, her grandfather, who also lived in Jiangxi, suffered a stroke which left him paralyzed on his left side.
This time it was Fang, not her father, who came to the rescue, treating the old man with daily acupuncture, massage and herbal treatments, which restored him to health in just a few months.

In 1986, Fang graduated from Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and moved to Guangzhou near Hong Kong on China southeast coast, where she worked in that city 600-bed Guang Zhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. for the next eight years. The next year she
got married.

In 1993, her husband Bin, a DNA researcher, moved to America, and a year later Fang and their daughter Sherry followed. In 1996, a second daughter, Suzanne, was born. Fang has been in private practice since 1995 in Oklahoma and North Carolina.

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