✦ 2001: Licensed North Carolina Acupuncture Licensing Board
✦ 1995: Certified Chinese Herbalist - National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
✦ 1994: Certified Acupunturist - National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

✦ 1981-1986: Medical Doctor Degree for Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine - Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

✦ 1995 to present: Private practice. General acupuncture and herbal services.
✦ 1986-1994: Acupuncturist and physician at (600 bed) Guang Zhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine .


Published Papers And Abstracts
✦ 2006: Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs Support Women's Health. - Art of Well Being 2006 Fall Page 4
✦ 2004: Acupuncture Helps Children With Cerebral Palsy - Art of Well Being 2004 Fall Page 5
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✦ 2002: Use Acupuncture to Help Cerebral Palsy Patients - Published online in Sheridan Hill Web Site
✦ 1997: Electrical Stimulation Of Acupuncture Points Enhances Gastric Myoelectrical Activity In Humans - American Journal of Gastroenterology 92(9): 1527-1530, September 1997 (by X. Lin, J. Liang, J. Ren, F. Mu, M. Zhang, and J. D. Z. Chen)
✦ 1996: Positive Effects of Acupuncture on Gastric Myoelectrical Activity in Healthy Chinese - Proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on Electrogastrography, San Francisco, California (by X. M. Lin, J. Ren, J. Liang, F. Mu, M. Zhang, J. D. Z. Chen)

Published Papers
✦ 1992: How Chinese Medicine Can Be Used To Treat Insomnia, Mental Agitation (Delirium), and Hematuria (Blood In Urine) Caused By The Use Of Sulfacetamide On Brain Tumor Patients - Chinese Journal of Nephrology 8(3): 120.
✦ 1991: How Chinese Medicine Can Be Used To Treat Kidney Damage Caused By Chemotherapy of Malignant Brain Tumors - Chinese Journal of Nephrology 7(2): 73. (with Huizun Liu), Society of Oncology, Chinese Medical Association.

Academic Exchanges (Lectures)
✦ 1993: Treatment of Chronic Renal Function Failure by Traditional Chinese Medicine - First Traditional Chinese Medicine in Combination with Western Medicine Conference of Nephrology, Society of Nephrology of Guangdong Province. (with Qiang Chen)
✦ 1993: How Liver Cancer Can Be Treated By Opening Energy Meridians In the Surrounding Stagnant Tissue - - Second Conference of Cancer of Liver of China. (with Fonglian Guo)
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